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Mary Ann Johnson LLC
Advisor for Heritage Institute.
Adjunct professor - Seattle Pacific University
Holds Secondary Principal's Certificate

She designs:

* private briefings for administrators or for educators seeking professional insights
* customized materials in print, CD, and DVD formats
* college courses
* and speaking presentations for specific audiences in education and a number of other
areas, including stress management.
* including reviews of significant educational materials, both classic and emergent

She focuses on human resource development; links between motivation theory and productivity; nature and ethics of humor in learning resource design; social studies and citizenship education; materials to promote thinking skills; and art tours and museum education. Connections to stress management and productivity are featured in the materials and presentations she creates.

Mary Ann Johnson mentors students who are taking Customized Independent Study courses with the Heritage Institute through Antioch University (accredited college professional development credit.) She helps teachers design 2 - 6 quarter credit classes by creating their own Work Plan Proposals based on curricular projects, travel study, and group projects.

She the advisor for many Heritage Online courses. For more information, contact Heritage Online at, and search by Instructor's last name. You can call the Heritage Institute office (M-Th) at 1-800-445-1305,  or Mary Ann Johnson at 206-367-8058 anytime. 

Contact Information:

Mary Ann Johnson, M.Ed.Adm.
P. O. Box 27096
Seattle, WA  98165
(206) 367-8058 

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