Tutankhmun: Time Capsule

(ISBN 978-0-9847728-1-0)
Cartouche Publications

Available as CD, book, ebooks, and with workshops.

This book is for everyone who wants to know more about King Tutankhamen, his short life, his death, and his mummification. It stands alone with dramatic black Egyptian design motifs that highlight the text and make the book user-friendly.
Tutankhamen Time Capsule is for lovers of Egyptian history who haven’t yet seen King Tut’s treasures on tour, or who want to revisit the experience.
It is also an easy-to-use study guide for teachers introducing a unit on Ancient Egypt, and for parents who do home schooling.

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Tutankhamun: Time Capsule

Tutankhamun: Time Capsule
(ISBN 978-0-9847728-1-0)

About the Book

Tutankhamun:  Time Capsule is an essential introduction to Egyptian history.  It is a powerful, original, and important way to prepare both your eyes for the sights and your mind for insights as you are introduced to the time capsule of King Tutankhamun’s treasures.

The world was stunned when the only untouched tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh/king was finally discovered, after years of searching, in November 1922. With all its beautiful and useful contents, as well as an intact mummy of King Tutankhamun, the world at last had a chance to see what this 5000 item time capsule could tell us about the life and times of Egyptians and their sacred leaders.

Discover exactly what it was like the day Howard Carter knew he had uncovered the first steps down to the doorway of the tomb.  What would you do first if you were in charge?

Young King Tut served from about age nine to nineteen, and you can begin to understand what it would be like to be so powerful so young.  Discover how pictures of his private life  compare with the images portraying him as a highly powerful public leader.  Which are more true-to-life?  And think about which of our own pictures and images are more true to ourselves: our candids or our formal poses?

Tutankhamun had a spectacular set of objects to go with him into the afterlife, leading us to marvel at how such a lot of items could be summoned for his ongoing life for eternity.  But consider further  how the kinds of objects in his tomb compared with the objects that might be packed  in a covered wagon going “out West” in American history.

Discover how hieroglyphics were decoded.  Find out how hieroglyphics compare with your own language.  Did King Tut learn to read and write, as you do?

And discover what animal symbols were sacred and useful in King Tut’s time compared with our use of animal symbols for logos, human characteristics, and advertisements today.

If a museum near your home were able to keep some objects from the tomb of King Tut, determine which you might rather have of these two:  an elegant ivory, priceless headrest or a simple alabaster box containing mudballs with hair from the heads of King Tutankhamun and his wife, signifying a contract between them, possibly their marriage?  Take the checklist test to determine your assessment of the value of each.

With this unique Egyptian  history book you will have unearthed your own historical treasure. Gain a glimpse of history matched against your own life experiences. And find answers to many of your personal questions about the young and only enduring Egyptian pharaoh, King Tutankhamun.