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Egypt’s Hidden Treasure: King Tutankhamun

Kids of all ages will be touched by the story of the boy king and the stunning discoveries revealed in his long-hidden tomb. If you teach a unit about Ancient Egypt and/or plan to prepare your students for the exhibition, you can brush up on the story of his tomb’s final discovery as well as key aspects of Ancient Egyptian history. Get everything you need to enrich your history unit and prepare for this exciting historical visit!

Presenter: Mary Ann Johnson (206.367.8058)
Facilitator: NWESD 189
Registration: 360-299-4714
Clock Hours: 10
College Credits: 1

The course textbook is Tutankhamun:  Time Capsule, available from Amazon or from the instructor.  Cost of the text from instructor is $15 plus $1.38 tax.  Price from may vary.  Web links to pictures of all the contents  of King Tutankhamun's tomb will be provided in the Bibliography.

Powerful Models of Teacher Effectiveness

Enrich your professional practice with a closer examination of five important clinical modesl which are highly correlated with student engagement and long-term retention.  The models include:  Curricular Mapping, Understanding by Design, Emotional Intelligence, Differentiating Instruction, and Brain-Compatible Strategies for Engaging Student Thinking.  We will examine powerful new ideas to determine which to integrate into our own best practices, and will also look at how teachers in the media hit or miss in their application of these models.  You will have a chance to see how these frameworks are continuing to inspire and guide the successful teachers.  Explore personal teaching strengths and assess your own notions of the factors in good teaching.

Presenter:  Mary Ann Johnson
Facilitator:  Anita Garcia-Holzemrer, 360-299-4714
College Credits: 3
Clock Hours:  30
The required handout packet, which includes readings and activities, is available from the instructor for $15, plus tax.
Engaging Student Focus and Thinking
In this course you will experience lively approaches to engage students with research-based classic and novel brain-based strategies that capture student focus and result in commitment to learn and enjoyment of learning.  Seven different strategies for prompting student thinking will be presented and explored for their transfer to your classroom.  You will:
1) Learn ways to emphasize thinking skills
2) Link intelligent behaviors to school work
3) Explore teaching models that promote both critical and creative thinking
4) Develop methods for increasing student responsibility and leadership
5) Improve on-task classroom time by practicing strategies which focus student attention
6) IImprove classroom management by engaging students in individual and whole group activities that meet the needs of a wide range of learning styles and levels of ability.
7)  Help your students develop peer leadership skills
Presenter:  Mary Ann Johnson
Facilitator:  Anita Garcia-Holzemer
College Credits:  3
Clock Hours:  30
The required handout packet, which includes reading and activities, is available from the instructor for $15, plus tax.


Best Practices and Qualities of Effective Teachers  

In this course we will examine what teacher factors directly effect student performance.  Using research and media examples, the course will explore the five major categories of teacher effectiveness.  Included are fresh views on the ways a really effective teacher is prepared, gains skills, manages the classroom, creates instruction, delivers the lesson, and checks and responds to students.


Presenter:  Mary Ann Johnson (206.367.8058)

Facilitator: Anita Garcia-Holzemrer, 360-299-4714

College Credits: 3

Clock Hours: 30


Getting Kids to Do the Right Thing:  Using ‘Classroom Management That Works’

Based on Classroom Management That Works, the powerful book by Robert Marzano, this course provides both prescriptive information and the action steps that are needed to make the practices work. We will focus on special problems which arise with technology as well as problems to solve from suggestions by participants.


Presenter:  Mary Ann Johnson (206.367.8058)

Facilitator: Anita Garcia-Holzemrer, 360-299-4714

College Credits: 3

Clock Hours: 30